Dallas has a reputation as a restaurant city with no shortage of top-notch restaurants. The buzz keeps growing, with celebrity chefs coming and hitting national best-of lists.


With so many amazing spots to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your list. But these 8 stand out from the rest.

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The new Italian eatery Monarch, opening on March 10 inside the National, is a glitzy spot backed up by Michelin star chef Danny Grant. He earned a second star for RIA in Chicago before helming the kitchen at Maple & Ash, which Eater Chicago says is one of the city’s best steakhouses.

It’s a great place for groups, with reservations for nine or more available and round tables that make conversation easy (it also has a nightcap that comes with French press coffee and digestifs for $45). It also has a great menu that features hearth-grilled steaks and whipped ricotta served with honey and black truffle oil, along with raw items like a bright tuna tartare with Meyer lemon.

The show’s music is mostly countrified covers — the sort of songs that can easily be found on iTunes. This is a shame, because it’s hard to see much originality behind them. There’s also a recurring theme of characters pretending to be their own versions of country artists they love, which is a bit overdone and makes the show feel too dated.


Delucca Gaucho Pizza is like a marriage between a Brazilian steakhouse and a pizzeria. The restaurant is based on the rodizio service model that’s popular at Brazil’s famous churrascaria restaurants, where servers circulate with platters of different types of meat to eat their way through.

The concept is a success, with owners Evandro Caregnato and Vanderleia “Dede” Mallmann drawing diners from across the region since opening their first Delucca Gaucho in Southlake four years ago. The couple, who are natives of Brazil and veterans of the Texas de Brazil steakhouse chain, have now opened locations in Dallas, Forth Worth and Plano.

In addition to savory pies, Delucca offers a variety of sweet pizzas as well, including Nutella-topped dessert pie and Romeo and Juliet featuring a sweet sauce made with Brazilian guava marmalade.

Guests rave about the quality of food and the attentive staff at Delucca Gaucho Pizza & Wine. Among their favorite dishes are perfectly cooked lobster bisque, elote and pepperoni.


One of the most popular and beloved pizza joints in Dallas is Cane Rosso, a Neapolitan-style pizzeria founded by Jay Jerrier. He fell in love with authentic pizza after visiting Italy on his honeymoon.

After a stint at a high-tech company, Jerrier ditched it and pursued his passion for real Italian pies. After establishing a successful catering business, the word spread about his pristine, wood-fired pizzas.

Today, Cane Rosso is both a brick-and-mortar restaurant and a mobile catering oven. Its Neapolitan-style pies are baked quickly at high temperatures in a domed, red-tile-clad oven imported from Italy.

Using only flour from Naples and San Marzano tomato marinara, the crusts are made daily and fired to 900 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 90 seconds. Topped with a variety of toppings, the pizzas are delicious and light on the palate.

There’s a reason Cane Rosso has been named the “best pizza in Dallas” multiple times over. The menu includes traditional pies like the Margherita and Prosciutto e Rucola, as well as a couple of more inventive options. The Honey Bastard is a favorite; it’s topped with mozzarella, hot soppressata and bacon marmalade.


A breadwinner is the primary income earner in a household. Often this is a woman who brings in a larger share of the family’s income than her husband.

In married couples, a breadwinner may be one of the spouses who works outside the home while the other is at home caring for children or elderly relatives. As the breadwinner, the wife usually pays more taxes than her husband and can qualify for programs like DUA.

Interestingly, younger women are much more likely to be breadwinners than older women. This is partly because younger workers are more likely to be unmarried, which can make it easier to earn a higher salary than their spouses.

The best thing we had at BREAD WINNERS was the jalapeno cream gravy topped with a sunny side up egg on top of a grilled rustic bread. This is a must-try if you’re in the mood for breakfast or brunch. And if you’re looking for a snack, the bacon cheddar waffles are pretty good too! We’re also big fans of the pigs in a blanket.


When it comes to barbecue in Texas, there are few places that rival Pecan Lodge for epic lines and smoky meats. The Dallas-based restaurant has been ranked as one of the top spots in Texas by multiple publications.

Owners Justin and Diane Fourton started their business as a stall in Shed 2 of the Dallas Farmers Market, but after their lease expired they moved to Deep Ellum and opened up a full-fledged restaurant. The menu is filled with smoked meats, sandwiches, sides and Southern comfort foods that will satisfy even the most die-hard BBQ aficionados.

The brisket at Pecan Lodge is a nod to the classic Central Texas style of cooking, but it also has a distinctly East Texas spice rub. It’s made with Lawry’s salt, granulated garlic, black pepper, chili powder, mustard powder and paprika.

The brisket melts in your mouth and satisfies that itch for real Texas barbeque. Add a side of a “Hot Mess” loaded baked potato and a local beer, and you’re in good hands.


The newest addition to the Dallas food and beverage scene is the crown jewel of Hunter Pond’s empire, Hudson House. Opened this week on Lovers Lane, the upscale eatery blends the glitzy with the practical. The food menu is comprised of classics like clams casino and chicken parm, along with East Coast seafood. The tastiest concoctions are the oysters and shrimp cocktails, while the martini list boasts a number of reasonably priced options for the cocktail aficionado.

For a sneak peak at this Dallas dining landmark’s nifty one, check out the restaurant’s website to see what’s on offer for you and your crew. And be sure to download the Uber Eats app to make ordering a breeze. You can also use the app to track your order or schedule it for later that day. The best part is that you don’t even need to leave your home or office. Simply enter your address and you’ll be greeted by a friendly delivery driver. The food is delivered in minutes and you won’t have to lift a finger.


If you’re craving a tasty Mexican meal, Meso Maya should be your go-to place. This Dallas restaurant serves up a variety of delicious dishes and drinks, including Tex-Mex classics like steaks and pork chops.

Chef Nico Sanchez takes an in-depth look at the flavors of interior Mexico, paying homage to traditions and combining natural wisdom with culinary technique. The result is a menu that’s bold, fresh and earthy.

A visit to this Dallas spot is an ideal choice for a family dinner or a date night with your significant other. The ambiance is cozy and the service is quick and friendly.

For dessert, you can order a Pastel de Moras — skillet-baked blueberry cake with Mexican vanilla ice cream. The restaurant also offers great margaritas and Sangria.

Located in downtown Dallas, this restaurant is right next to Perot Museum of Nature and Science. It has plenty of parking and free wifi.


If you are looking for a sushi spot that has it all from hot and cold tastings, makimono, yakimono, tempura, nigiri and sushi, then Uchi Dallas is the place to go. This restaurant is located in the Arts District and features a great ambiance and a delicious meal.

The food is a feast for the senses. The restaurant also has a daily happy hour, so you can try their cool or hot tastings as well as cocktails, sake and more.

This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who loves Japanese cuisine and culture. They also offer great service and a beautiful decor.

Uchi is the best place to go for a sushi experience in Dallas. They offer a variety of sushi dishes that are sure to leave you speechless.

They have a menu that changes every four months so make sure to come back and try their different dishes. You can order anything from wagyu tataki to snow crab maki and a hamachi roll.

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